Faux Fur Knitted Neckwarmer



A standout in our elevated essentials collection, the Knitted Fur Neckwarmer is a must-have! In ultra-soft hand-knitted fur, this 5" x 22" neckwarmer is stretchy enough to double as a halo. As pretty on the underside as outside, RECOVERY is built in as well, ensuring this luxe multi-tasker returns to its original shape. Knitted of chunky fur yarn, the Sand-color is the neutral that plays well with everything in your wardrobe. Slipping easily over the head, the Knitted Fur Neckwarmer adds a fun touch of texture AND warmth to a sweater or fills in the neckline of a coat or jacket. When the wind picks up OR your hair refuses to cooperate, slide it up to become a glam halo!