The Teen Girl's Guide to Becoming Her Best Self Book

The Teen Girl's Guide to Becoming Her Best Self Book

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Every day, everywhere, teenage girls are faced with irrational amounts of pressure to look, act, and even think a certain way. This pressure has led to an increase in depression and anxiety among young women. Without the correct tools, growing into a healthy individual seems impossible, and many of these disorders seem inevitable.

Even if mental illness seems it will never be an issue to you, unhappiness will. A broken heart will. Confusion will. These are simply inescapable parts of life. And often, the results of these issues, or trying to avoid them, can cause us to act in ways that we otherwise may not. But there are ways to make the hardest parts of life more bearable without compromising your character.

The purpose of this book is to help teenage girls like you understand how to become their best and happiest self by acting in a way that coincides with their desires and personality. This book is designed to help you understand why the person you want to be is perfect despite what society, friends, and even family may think or say.

If you buy this book, I promise that by the end of your high school career, you will come out a happier, stronger, and better YOU than you would have ever imagined.