About Lori

About Us!

 Hi there! My name is Lori Greene, and I am so excited that you stopped by!

I have loved shopping for as long as I can remember. I was not the girl involved in sports or dancing; I was a bit on the uncoordinated side. My favorite way to spend my Saturday, while all of my friends were attending their gymnastics or dance classes, was to go shopping with my Grandma and my Auntie. 

We would go to the local malls, the downtown shops, or the plazas, searching for that special something to bring home as a gift or a treat.

Seriously, my fondest memories of my youth were the times that I spent with my gram and my aunt. I was the luckiest girl ever to be able to spend so much wonderful time with them. When I started to have a family, the wonderful tradition continued. How fortunate were my two kids and me to have that experience?!

So fast forward to 2008, when I was blessed with an opportunity to create the most beautiful gift shop in my hometown. My kids, Gillian Elizabeth & Dermot Richard, literally grew up in the shop and watched as my husband Arthur and I worked hard to create something lasting for our family. I learned so much, I made so many wonderful friends and made memories that will truly last me a lifetime. But times were changing, including the way we shopped, and I too had to change. And so, my online store was born. 

I’m so grateful to be able to live my dream and shop for a living! That’s why I take great pride and pleasure in presenting you with thoughtful gifts for life’s special occasions and memorable moments.

I will help you find the perfect gift for someone you care about (or for yourself, because we all need a little something every now and again). 

I strive to present you with the gifts you are proud to put your name on, and I want to make it an easy & seamless process because I know how busy you are. You don’t need one more thing on your to-do list, and I will always work to make your life a little easier, a little more beautiful, a little more special.

I invite you to explore my current collections and my core collections of gifts intended to make each day a celebration. Let me help you create a home that you love, a look that you feel confident about, while reflecting your own unique sense of style and good taste.

My family and I thank you for shopping at Gifted. You have so many endless options out there, and we are truly grateful each time you choose us to make you feel special!

xoxo, Lori