About Lori


My name is Lori Greene. Ever since I can remember, I have loved to entertain. Early on, entertaining consisted of carefully planned tea parties with custom made frisbee mud pies, for my closest stuffed animal friends. In high school, it was holiday dinner parties, complete with homemade French onion soup and prime rib roast. When I bought my first home, I experimented with entertaining, food & style, eager to make a special home/life experience for my family. I thought that I found my ultimate "why" when I founded and developed my beloved brand, Elizabeth Richard Gifts. I was finally able to marry my love of cooking, entertaining and shopping. Time tends to lead us down new & unexpected paths, so as I was transitioning my shop to an online only platform, and a dear friend asked if I would plan her wedding, I said sure! From that moment on, I knew that this time, I did indeed find my "why". 

I am taking the best of what I do, and offering it to you as my service. I will follow the trends, but stay true to who I am at my core. I will bring you the classic style with a modern approach, one that you can use for you & your home. I will be your Lifestyle Concierge.

Your what????

Lifestyle Concierge. Let me do the heavy lifting in your life. Let me take my love of all things beautiful, stylish, delicious & fun and wrap it up for you in a neat little package. I am available for planning & consulting on your intimate dinner for two, or your corporate party of 200. I can refresh & reboot your everyday or holiday decor. I can take your shopping list and source the best items for gifting, and then wrap them in the style that suits you best. I can help you to update & merchandise your small business too. 

All of this, and an online shop too. What more could you need in order to live with graceful ease, with effortless style. This is what I do best. Let me help you. It would truly be my pleasure.