September Must-Haves!

September is the beginning of the beloved fall season, and with it comes change. There is a change of temperature in the air, a change of the daylight hours, and a change in our wardrobe. While I am always sad to see the summer end, I am equally as excited to make some changes myself, both in my home and in my closet. Here is what I will be bringing into my fall mix...

A new handbag. Love these vegan leather handbags in so many wardrobe appropriate colors. Not only do you get the awesomely sized outer bag, but you also get a super cute and more compact crossbody, all for one great price!

A new scent. It was time for me to put away my floral and sea scented candles, and Heirlūm Pumpkin from Thymes got here just in time! This is the newest fragrance in the Thymes line, smelling of a freshly baked pumpkin treat, with a hint of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg & caramel.

A new goody for the kitchen. I love spending more time in the kitchen as fall rolls in, and more clean up goes with the territory. At least I can do it in my own style with the latest piece from Nora Fleming, this handy-dandy paper towel holder! Don't forget to add an adorable mini, like the new squirrel or perhaps the baseball mitt (Go Yanks!). Functional, Fun, Pretty, yup, it checks off all of my boxes!

That's all for September, see you next month for all that is new & exciting!

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