February 2018 Newsletter

Each and every January, I go shopping. And not just grab a sweater or boots from the clearance rack. I go SHOPPING. I usually head down to Atlanta, where they host AmericasMart, one of the largest permanent wholesale trade centers in the world. It is located within four buildings, and occupies SEVEN MILLION SQUARE FEET.  Yes, seven million. And my feet can attest to this fact! It is shopping on steroids, but it is what I love to do, and how I bring awesome stuff straight to you! Here is a recap of what has arrived in the shop this month:

My daughter Gillian observes that every January, I tend to pick out humorous items that border on snarky and salty. This January was no different! I brought back a particularly sassy line of kitchen towels. They just bring a smile to my face as soon as I start reading them, and who couldn’t use more smiles in their day??


One of our most popular gifts, Nora Fleming, not only opened a beautiful, full sized showroom in Atlanta, but she also added new serving pieces and minis! Reserve your deviled egg plate for Easter now, and add an Easter Basket mini to it. Or grab the cracker caddy, with an artichoke mini, perfect for spring. Other new pieces include a very sweet coffee cup, a dragonfly, a pink flamingo, and a ceramic napkin holder. Don’t know Nora? Well, stop in and let us introduce you!! 

Need to update your wardrobe? We are making it easy for you, with some great transitional pieces, available now. We have handbags in four new shades, perfect for shedding the heaviness of the winter & embracing the lightness of spring. Or pick up a new brightly colored scarf to offset that gray sweater that you still have in your wardrobe rotation. Looking for jewels? Look no further! Atlanta introduced me to a fabulous collection of necklaces, pendants and earrings, offered at affordable, everyday prices.

We love our neighbors at Viso Bello, and they love us! Orlando, who works the front desk at Viso Bello proclaims that Mermaid Kisses from Shore Soap is the best fragrance that he has had as of late! He is enjoying the soy candle, and of course, the luxurious lotion. Stop by and give a sniff, see what the fuss is about!

One of the best purchases that I made in Atlanta was greeting cards. I literally sat for three hours handpicking each and every card that I would sell to you this year. The results are just what I had envisioned: a collection of cards that make you smile, make you laugh, or touch your heart. These are not your run of the mill cards, they are printed on high quality papers, some letterpressed. I am so proud of the selection, I hope that you will enjoy sending them as much as I enjoyed choosing them!

Willow Tree is back on our shelves, and we couldn’t be happier! These favorites are the perfect gift for so many different occasions. Check out our curated selection of Willow Tree figurines the next time you need something special.

My most favorite new find for this season is a line of necklaces from SHINELife. The jewelry was born from a very personal journey of loss and hope, and remains a business that is family and faith based. The line takes great care to celebrate, encourage and inspire. The pieces are understated, and come boxed, each with its own special meaning. They are made with sterling silver, and will become a special keepsake to whoever receives it.


And my most useful show find? Well that would have to be the phone mirrors and phone pockets that are now at our front counter! They stick onto the back of your smartphone, and allow you to carry a few dollars, your license, your debit card. The mirror lets you make sure that you are looking good for the day ahead of you. No more broccoli in your teeth, or lipstick smudges, this mirror will soon become almost as useful as your phone is! Grab one for you and for your bestie!


Of course, there is plenty more on display now, from the latest designs of our Luca + Danni bracelets, or the fun and fashion forward feather earrings that  just cannot get enough of right now. And the mugs, the gym bags, the cosmetic cases, it’s all sure to delight and inspire you to do some shopping too!


Until next time, I wish you a fabulous week, complete with plenty of smiles and laughter!


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  • Hi Lori. Loved this! I consider it a visit from you. I’ll soon be in again!!!! Terri xoxo


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